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Stage LED Display Screen

Technical Specification of P37.5 Stage LED Display Screen

Pixel Pitch 37.5mm
Module Size 300mm X 300mm
Resolution 2R 1G 1B
Brightness 2500CD/ m2
Viewing Angle H:110º V:60º
Best Viewing Distance 35M
Driving Method Static Constant Current Driving
Veil Material Fireproof PC

Features and Advantages of P37.5 Stage LED Display Screen
1. The structure of our stage LED display screen is convenient for dismantling and assembling, making it reliable and easy to maintain.
2. This stage LED display screen is applicable for large entertainment occasions and activities for a vivid stage display. It uses 2R1G1B encapsulation which is arranged and distributed equally in unit module to compose display.
3. It features perfect uniformity and excellent luminance consistency, since it uses real pixel featuring superior visual effects.
4. Anything that can display on a computer can also be displayed on our stage LED display screen, like TV, DVD and cartoon, etc. Our stage LED display screen can also edit the luminance and picture divisions by adopting manual or automatic control mode.
5. Our stage LED display screen presents more vivid and bright colors.
6. The deviation luminance range of ±10% and the wave length of ±2.5nm are guaranteed.
7. Our display screen features high stability with no trembling, glittering and no parts loosening, and more.
8. The whole production process is fully automatic controlled, from raw material to finish products and R&D process. The technology is mature and the service is excellent, making the product highly qualified.
9. Front service is also available for our stage LED display screen.

Jiuzhou is a professional P37.5 stage LED display screen manufacturer based in China. We offer various types of products such as LED baluster light, LED spotlight, LED tunnel light, and LED tube light.

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