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P31.25 Outdoor LED Display Screen P31.25 Outdoor LED Display Screen

Technical Specification of P31.25 Outdoor LED Display Screen

Pixel Pitch 31.25mm
Module Size 250mm X 250mm
Resolution 4R 2G 2B
Brightness 5000CD/ m2
Viewing Angle H:110º V:60º
Best Viewing Distance 25M
Driving Method Specifications for Real Static Constant, Current Driving P31.25 Module.
Veil Material Fireproof PC

Features and Advantages of P31.25 Outdoor LED Display Screen
1. Our outdoor LED display screen is used in order to guarantee the clear, detailed and vivid displaying of pictures and character with good consistency, thus LEDs in red, green and blue colors are chosen with the same grade of luminance to produce the outdoor complete display within 100 square meters.
2. Our LED display screen uses sealant from South Korea to seal the surface of the modules. This sealant can make the background display dumb at the main time, because the surface of the LED can absorb the extra light refracted by the lens. It can also remove the dark shadow and the overlapped shadow.
3. By adopting the modular design, the display can be built up at the required size and can also be assembled easily. In addition, the appearance of the cabinet is quite beautiful.
4. Our outdoor LED display screen is easy to maintain and it can be maintained in ways of 3-dimensional with single pixel or single LED.
5. The front panel service is available.

Our outdoor LED display screen is widely used in stadium, advertisement, bank, securities service, restaurant, station, dock, shopping center, postal service, telecommunication service, government, schools, entertainment area, enterprise and more. A variety of specifications including pitch of 10mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 28mm, 31.25mm and pitch of 32mm are available.

Jiuzhou is a professional P31.25 outdoor LED display screen manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a wide array of products, including LED downlight, LED tunnel light, LED wall washer, LED panel light, and more.

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