A15 4.5W LED Light Bulb

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A15 4.5W LED Light Bulb

Technical Specifications of our 4.5W LED Light Bulb

Model JZA15
Operating Voltage AC85~265V
Light Source JZ5050
Total Power Consumption 4.5W
Lamp holder E27
Light Angle 130±5º
Color Temperature 2700K 4000K
Luminous Flux 200 lm
Configuration Size 85mm (H) X 50mm (Maxium diameter)

Jiuzhou new type LED light bulb adopts high reliable LED, featuring efficient and stable power, and drive design, so it can effectively ensure the length of lamp's service life time and working condition. Additionally, this light bulb uses high quality aluminum alloy as its radiator to guarantee appropriate temperature.

Features of our 4.5W LED Light Bulb
1. The total power consumption of our LED light bulb is 4.5W.
2. The color temperature of our light bulb is 2700K or 4000K.
3. The luminous flux of our LED light bulb is 200lm or 4000K.

As a specialized 4.5W LED light bulb manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a comprehensive range of products, including LED panel light, LED spotlight, LED tile lamp, LED baluster light, and others.

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