BE26/BE27 4.5W LED Light Bulb

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BE26/BE27 4.5W LED Light Bulb BE26/BE27 4.5W LED Light Bulb

Technical Specification of BE26/BE27 4.5W LED Light Bulb

Model JMBE26/JMBE27
Operating Voltage AC110-220V
Light source 5050 ( JZ )
Power Consumption 4.5W
Color Temperature 3000K 4000K
Luminous Flux 200lm
Configuration Size 85mm ( H ) X 50.0mm ( D )

Our BE26 and BE27 4.5W LED light bulb is designed with dustproof PC covers and can directly replace 40W incandescent bulb or traditional lights. Our BE26 4.5W LED Light Bulb and BE27 4.5W LED Light Bulb have excellent heat sink and optical performance. Additionally they work by adopting universal AC input standard and they are ideal product for CFL replacement of general lighting, entertainment lighting, accent lighting, ceiling lighting, shop fitting, exhibitions and more.

Features of BE26/BE27 4.5W LED Light Bulb
1. The total power consumption of our LED light bulbs is 4.5W.
2. The color temperature of our LED bulb is 3000K or 4000K.
3. The luminous flux of this product is 200lm.

Our company is a professional 4.5W LED light bulb manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a variety of products including LED street light, LED tunnel light, LED tube light, and LED display screen, among others.

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