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Technical Specifications of 18*1W LED Wall Washer DC 24V

Model JZYT-A-18*
Operating Voltage DC24V
Light Source 12*1W
Color White, RGB optional
Configuration Size 93 (H) * 73 (T) * 128 (D) mm

Jiuzhou LED wall washer adopts high power LED as its light source, without ultraviolet and infrared ray output. Our LED wall washer has excellent transmittance property has dust-proof and waterproof properties. The shell part is casted with superconductive radiator aluminum alloy and quotes natural wind to ensure LED's service life. The LED wall washer is made of stainless steel and its surface adopts electrostatic spraying, which makes the lamp to have a good self-checking property. This kind of lamp is safe, reliable, energy saving, and presents long service life, so it's suitable for urban public facilities building profile lighting, such as streets, parks and overpasses, etc.

Features of 18*1W LED Wall Washer DC 24V
1. The light source of our LED wall washer is 12 pieces of 1W LED.
2. Its color is white and RGB is optional.

As a specialized 18*1W LED wall washer DC 24V manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only LED wall washer, but also LED light bulb, LED display screen, LED spotlight, and others.

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