Energy-saving Program for School and Hospital

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The Commonly Used LED Lamp in School and Hospital

Energy-saving Program for School and Hospital

According to the statistics from related departments in China, the total annual power consumption of schools and hospitals exceeds 60 billion KWh. In order to save the energy, China has clearly presented the related measures toward the health-care system.

For schools, the traditional light not only requires high power consumption, but also has stroboflash and low color rendering index, which is extremely harmful for the students' eyes. As we all know, hospital is the treatment and resting area for patients. Due to the activity space, patients are prone to anxiety, impatience and anger. Therefore, the light should be deigned to help them eliminate the anxiety. Generally, it is better for both hospitals and schools to apply the cold color temperature lamp which is free from glare and greatly saves the energy. As well, intelligent dimming system should be equipped.

Our LED light can effectively solved the problems described above. No glare, stroboflash or any other related problem appears. Our product has better energy saving effect when furnished with the intelligent controlling system.

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