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    1. Energy-saving Program for SupermarketThe traditional halogen lamp features low luminous efficiency. Its heat productivity has greatly increased the power consumption of air conditioner. The irrational lighting control system has no intelligent control function or dimming system. Moreover, the aged circuit will greatly increase the maintenance cost and security risk.
      Environmental LED lamp is most effective to solve the problems above. It not only has high photoelectric conversion rate and long lifespan, but also can be intelligently controlled.
    1. Energy-saving Program for RestaurantThe light plays an important part in creating the fine and clean dining environment which is critical for attracting customers.
      LED light can effectively lower the power consumption and save the energy up to 70%. It provides you with the unique and comfortable environment at a cost effective price. Apart from the energy saving performance, the LED light also comes with low maintenance rate and long service life ...
    1. Energy-saving Program for School and HospitalFor schools, the traditional light not only requires high power consumption, but also has stroboflash and low color rendering index, which is extremely harmful for the students' eyes. As we all know, hospital is the treatment and resting area for patients. Due to the activity space, patients are prone to anxiety, impatience and anger. Therefore, the light should be deigned to help them eliminate the anxiety. Generally, it is better for both hospitals and schools to apply the cold color temperature lamp which is free from glare ...
    1. Energy-saving Program for HotelCurrently, how to effectively maintain the competitive advantage and lower the operation cost is significant for hotels. Lighting is one of the effective ways.
      Warm color lighting can create the comfortable and ease environment. Most of hotels are inclined to choose filament lamps and halogen lamps. But those lamps have low lighting efficiency and require high power consumption. In addition, they generate large numbers of heat ...
    1. Energy-saving Program for Office BuildingNowadays, saving the electricity and lowering the daily operation cost is crucial for office. Apart from the air conditioner, illumination also plays a critical role. LED lamp can be used for over 2, 5000 hours and comes with high lighting efficiency. As compared to the common fluorescent light, it can effectively and instantly decrease the office power consumption by saving greater than 50% energy.
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